2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting
2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting 

2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting Poster Presentations

Monday, October 2nd


Reservoir Characterization and Prediction of the Lower Cretaceous Glauconite Member at Jenner-Suffield Field, Alberta, Canada

Kristin Arndt, Baylor University


Woodford-Sourced Oil in the Mississippian STACK Play: A Two-Phase Migration Model

Tom Peryam, Mahammad Wahid Rahman, Jim Anderson, Shawna Parks, Dwain Veach, Devon Energy


Integrated Petrological Characterization of Missourian Series Sandstones, Anadarko Basin: Examples from 2 Hogshooter Wells, Texas and Oklahoma

Abbas Seyedolali, Vincent Nowaczewski, Gordon Macleod, Chesapeake Energy


Multidisciplinary Geomechanical and Geophysical Characterization of the Coupled Arbuckle-Basement System, Payne County, Northern Oklahoma

Gabriel Machado, University of Oklahoma


Geochemical Characterization of the Lower Pennsylvanian Morrow Formation in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma

Yagmur Sumer Gorenekli, University of Oklahoma


Geologic Characterization of Enigmatic Carbonate Masses in The Woodford Shale, Criner Hills Area, Oklahoma

Danielle Martin, Oklahoma State University


Integrated High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy and Sedimentological Analysis of Meramec/Sycamore Unconventional Reservoir in the Merge Area

David Duarte, Roger Slatt, University of Oklahoma


Expanding the Build-and-Fill Model: ‘Phylloid-Algal’ Carbonate Mound Development

Stephan Oborny, University of Iowa


Characterization of Natural CO2 Systems of the Lower Ordovician Through Lower Permian Strata in the Delaware, Val Verde, and Marfa Basin Areas and the Marathon-Ouachita Fold Belt Area of the Southern Permian Basin of Texas

Colin A. Doolan, Peter D. Warwick, Christina A. DeVera, Celeste D. Lohr, Jenna L. Shelton, Ernie R. Slucher, U.S. Geological Survey


Regional Stratigraphy and Proximal to Distal Variation of Lithology and Porosity within a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic System, Meramec And Osage Series (Mississippian), North-Central Oklahoma

Katherine A. Drummond, Matthew J. Pranter, G. Michael Grammer, University of Oklahoma


Predicting Reservoir Facies Distribution in the Subsurface Using an Artificial Neural Network: Hodgeman County, Kansas

Jacob Clayton, Matt Totten, Abdelmoneam Raef, Kansas State University


Stratigraphic Variability of the Desmoinesian Marmaton Group Across the Lips Fault System in the Texas Panhandle Granite Wash, Southern Anadarko Basin

Patrick Jordan, Mississippi State University


Reservoir Modeling for CO2 EOR in Mississippian Carbonate Reservoir at Wellington Field in South-Central Kansas

Yevhen Holubnyak, Kansas Geological Survey


Sedimentological and Facies Analysis of the Jurassic Summerville Formation, Utah - A Potential Analog for Martian Mudstones

Andrea White, Juergen Schrieber, Indiana University


Facies Distribution and 3-D Reservoir Characterization of a Silurian (Cayugan) Reef Slope: Pipe Creek Jr. Quarry, Grant County, Indiana

Jim Karsten, G. Michael Grammer, Dennis Prezbindowski, Benjamin Dattilo, Jonathan Havens,  Oklahoma State University


Comparative Study of Relative Permeability and Residual Saturation Estimates of Kerogen and Shale Samples

Shiv Prakash Ojha, Dr. Siddharth Misra, University of Oklahoma


In-Situ Wireline-Log-Derived Indices for Miscible Light-Hydrocarbon-Injection Recovery in Bakken Petroleum System

Hao Li, Dr. Siddharth Misra, University of Oklahoma


High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of Mississippian Strata in Central and Eastern Oklahoma

C.J. Appleseth, Oklahoma State Univeristy


Combining Sequence Stratigraphy with Artificial Neural Networks to Enhance Regional Correlation and Determination of Reservoir Quality in the “Mississippian Limestone” of the Mid-Continent, USA

Elizabeth Elium, G. Michael Grammer, Oklahoma State University, Matthew J. Pranter, University of Oklahoma


Experimental and Modeling Results of Barium Transport Through Dolomite Under the Presence of High Salinity and Guar Gum of Fracturing Wastewater

Pouyan Ebrahimi, Javier Vilcaez, Oklahoma State University


Tuesday, October 3nd


Low Temperature Anhydrite Formation in Flowing Systems: Implications for Near Surface Diagenesis on Mars

Kayla M. Miller, University of Oklahoma


Application of Rock Geochemistry and Advanced Surface Logging Techniques to Predict Rock Heterogeneity and Fluid Distribution in Unconventional Reservoirs

S. Sharma, C. Magnier, R. Michaelis, F. Kimour, M. Herkommer, Excellence Logging US INC., Excellence Logging France


Evaluating the Feasibility of CO2 Storage through Reservoir Characterization and Geologic Modeling of the Viola Formation and Arbuckle Group in Kansas

Andrew M. Hollenbach, Tandis S. Bidgoli, Martin Dubois, Yevhen Holubnyak, Mina Fazelalavi, Kansas Geological Survey


Lithologic and Chemostratigraphic Evaluation of the Woodford Shale in the Western Arkoma and Eastern Anadarko Basins, Oklahoma

Eli Reese, Jim Puckette, Oklahoma State University


Is Commercial-Scale CO2 Capture and Geologic Storage a Viable Enterprise for Kansas?

Tandis S. Bigdoli, Martin DuBois, W. Lynn Watney, Susan Stover, Yevhen Holubnyak, Andrew Hollenbach, Jeffrey C. Jennings, Kevin Watts, Kansas Geological Survey, Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery, LLC, Linde Group, LLC 


Chronology and Provenance of Late Mississippian-Early Pennsylvanian Clastic Influx to the Hugoton Embayment and Arkoma Shelf, Constraints on Transcontinental Sediment Transport and Regional Tectonics

Wei Wang, Tandis Bidgoli, Lynn Watney, Kansas Geological Survey


Novaculitic Chert (Devonian-Mississippian) in the Southern Midcontinent: Organic-Rich Sedimentation and Palaeoceanography Along a Shelf-Rise Transect

Kyrsti A. Cecil, Jack C. Pashin, Oklahoma State University


Critical Evaluation of Pennsylvanian Cyclicity in the Anadarko Basin: A Probabilistic Model of High Frequency Eustasy in a High Accommodation Setting

Mark W. Jensen, Jack C. Pashin, Oklahoma State University


Missourian/Desmoinesian Boundary of Eastern Oklahoma: The MADEOS Project

Curtis J. Faulkner, Hogback Exploration, Inc.


Petrophysical Interpretation of Electromagnetic Induction and Dielectric Dispersion Logging in Bakken Petroleum System

Yifu Han, Pratiksha Tathed, Siddharth Misra, University of Oklahoma


Improved Estimation of Water Saturation in a Lower-Paleozoic European Organic-Rich Shale Gas Formation

Yifu Han, Dr. Siddharth Misra, University of Oklahoma


Structural Analysis of the Carter-Knox Field Using 3D Seismic Data

Molly Simpson, Dr. Shankar Mitra, Chesapeake Energy and University of Oklahoma


An Integrated Approach on Understanding Natural Fracture Systems in the STACK Play Using Core and Image Log Data

Ning Zhang, Jamar Bynum, Jarret Borell, John Arney, Devon Energy


Lithofacies and Pore-structure Characterization of the Mid-continent Mississippian Limestone, Grant County, Oklahoma

Fnu Suriamin, Matthew J. Pranter, University of Oklahoma


Identifying at Risk Areas for Injection-Induced Seismicity Through Subsurface Analysis of Southern Kansas

Jeffrey C. Jennings, Tandis Bidgoli, Kansas Geological Survey


Could Organic Rich, Black Shales Be a Source for MVT Deposits?

Bryan Bottoms, University of Arkansas


Understanding the Pennsylvanian Age Granite Wash Play Fairway Through Log and Core Data: Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma and Texas, U.S.A.

Jesse Koch, Thomas P. Bulling, Kristy Hanley, Kim Koepke, Sara Maloney, BP


Rift Shoulder Erosion and Basin Deformation Associated With The Wichita Uplift (Mountain Front): Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma And Texas, U.S.A.

Thomas P. Bulling, Jesse Koch, Robert Marksteiner, Kristian Meisling,  Kim Koepke, BP


Integrated Workflow to Optimize CO2 Flooding Strategy in Tight Carbonate Reservoirs

Pierre Karam, Junjie Yang, Yagna Oruganti, XiaoXuan An, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

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