2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting
2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting 

2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting Oral Presentations

Monday Morning Oral Presentations

Session 1, Rooms 1, 2, & 3

“Learnings from the SCOOP & STACK”

Co-Chairs TBA

8:00 - Opening Remarks


8:10 - Discoveries from the Up-Dip Expansion of the SCOOP Play

            Drew Thomas, Casillas Petroleum Corp


8:40 - Identifying Some Mechanical Stratigraphic Controls on IP30 (First Month) Hydrocarbon Production Volumes in the SCOOP (South Central Oklahoma Oil Province) Play

            Carlos Molinares-Blanco, Muizz Matemilola, Jing Zhang, Henry Galvis, Daniela Becerra, Lennon Infante, Roger Slatt, University of Oklahoma


9:10 - The Woodford Shale in the Marietta Basin (Oklahoma and Texas)

            Richard Brito, Roger M. Slatt, Ifunanya Ekwunife, Bryan Turner, University of Oklahoma


9:40 - Break


10:00 - Rebirth of the Hunton in the Sooner Trend Field of Oklahoma

            Gregg McDonald, Trey Stearns, Mike LaGrange, Maximus Exploration


10:30 - Critical Evaluation of Pennsylvanian Cyclicity in the Anadarko Basin: A Probabilistic Model of High Frequency Eustasy in a High Accommodation Setting

            Mark W. Jensen, Jack Pashin, Oklahoma State University


11:00 - Optimizing Lateral Placement and Production While Minimizing Completion Costs in the STACK

            Rick Schrynemeeckers, Paul A. Harrington, Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC, Mathew A. Jones, Harrison Ohls, Paloma Resources, LLC



Session 2, Room 4

“Applying New Technologies & Methodologies to Mature Plays”

Co-Chairs TBA

8:00 - Opening Remarks

8:10 - New Interpretations on Chert Deposition and Porosity Evolution in Mississippian Cherts

            Buddy Price, Ahmed El Belasy, G. Michael Grammer, Devon Energy, Mansoura University, Oklahoma State University


8:40 - Application of Rock Geochemistry and Advanced Surface Logging Techniques to Predict Rock Heterogeneity and Fluid Distribution in Unconventional Reservoirs

            S. Sharma, C. Magnier, R. Michaelis, F. Kimour, M. Herkommer, Excellence Logging US INC., Excellence Logging France                     


9:10 - Using Near Wellbore Acoustic Imaging to Complement Fracture Interpretation from Borehole Image Logs

            Jon Roberts, Jarret Borell, Ning Zhang, Devon Energy


9:40 - Break


10:00 - Production Revival of the Oklahoma City South Wilcox Sand Unit, Oklahoma City Field, Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties, Oklahoma

           Jim Tull, Stephens & Johnson Operating


10:30 - Evaluation of Thinly Laminated Zones from the Granite Wash Using an Integrated Workflow Including Logs, Core Data, and Digital Rock Analysis

            Tiffany Rider, Robert Aylsworth, Joel Walls, Anyela Morcote, Ingrain


11:00 - Using SMTI Topology with Dynamic Parameter Analysis to Characterize Crack Connectivity Related to Flow and Production along Wellbores in the Meramec Formation

            Ted Urbancic, Adam Baig, Ellie Ardakani, ESG, Dan Kahn, Jamie Rich, David Langston, Ken Silver, Devon Energy



Session 3, Room 5

“Mid-Continent Completions”

SPE Co-Session

Co-Chairs TBA

8:00 - Opening Remarks


8:10 - A Diagnostic Approach to Diversion Analysis and Optimal Lateral Length in the Midcontinent

            Chad Senters, ProTechnics Division of Core Laboratories, SPE OKC Chairman


8:40 - Use of Core Data and Completions Diagnostic Methods to Improve Production Simulations in the Woodford

            Stephen Drylie, Stim-Lab Division of Core Laboratories


9:10 - Utilizing Measured Drilling Parameters to Optimize Completions Design

            Jason VanderKooi, C&J Energy Services


9:40 - Break


10:00 - Optimizing Unconventional Completions – An Integrated Approach

            Sam Mitwally, Weatherford


10:30 - A Simple and Cost-Effective Workflow for Engineered Perforations

            Byron Cottingham, Linn Energy


11:00 - Activity Overview of the STACK and SCOOP with an Economic Evaluation Based on Modern Completion Methods 

            Clint Barefoot, Director of Consulting Services, DrillingInfo



Monday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Session 4, Rooms 1, 2, & 3

“Learnings from the SCOOP & STACK”

Co-Chairs TBA

1:20 - Opening Remarks


1:30 - Geochemical Fingerprinting and Fluid Phase Behavior of Produced Oils from Meramec and Woodfood Reservoirs from the STACK Play, Anadarko Basin

            Mohammad ‘Wahid’ Rahman, Tom Peryam, Dwain Veach, Mindy Homan, Jim Anderson, Buddy Price, Devon Energy


2:00 - Inorganic Aspects of Kerogens in a Hydrocarbon Producing Source Shale Bed May Hold Solutions to Yet Some Long-Standing Unresolved Issues about the Origin of Petroleum: A Lesson from the Study of Hydrocarbon Producing Late Devonion Woodford Shale in North-Central Oklahoma

            S. Chaudhuri, M. Totten, D. Ramirez-Caro, M. McIntire, H. Alvarez, L. Kelly, G. Riepl, J. Miesse, S. Kirkwood, B. Reitz, M. Spaid-Reitz, S. Alkhammali, M. Wall, B. Kwasny, Kansas State University, R. Boutin, M. Granet, A. Aubert, Laboratorie d'Hydrologie et de Geochimie de Strasbourg, France


2:30 - Evidence of Hydrothermal Alteration in the Woodford Shale – Anadarko and Ardmore Basins, Oklahoma

            Jennifer Roberts, R. Douglas Elmore, University of Oklahoma



Session 5, Room 4

“Applying New Technologies & Methodologies to Mature Plays”

Co-Chairs TBA

1:20 - Opening Remarks

1:30 - Implications of Facies and Pore Architecture on NMR-Response in Carbonate Mudrock Reservoirs: Mississippian-Lime Play Case Study

            Ibukun Bode-Omoleye, Chi Zhang, Beth Vanden Berg, Michael Grammer, Oklahoma State University


2:00 - The Gunn Graben: Geology, Engineering, and the Missing Key, Geomechanics

            Nicolas O. Brissette, CPG, formerly Gunn Oil Company, Oakspring Energy, Roy J. Davis, GME, formerly Schlumberger


2:30 - Viola, Simpson, and Arbuckle Group Exploration; Oklahoma and Adjacent Areas

            Ray Suhm, Independent



Session 6, Room 5

“Mid-Continent Completions”

SPE Co-Session

Co-Chairs TBA

1:20 - Opening Remarks


1:30 - Determining the Effectiveness of Isolation Techniques Using Completion Diagnostics and Production Analysis

            DJ Snyder, Packers Plus Energy Services


2:00 - Proppant Technology Advances and Reservoir Performance

            Susan Nash, Ph.D., AAPG


2:30 - New Age Fracture Mapping Diagnostics Tool - A STACK Case Study

            Kyle Haustveit, Devon Energy



Tuesday Morning Oral Presentations

Session 7, Rooms 1, 2, & 3

“The Other Unconventional Reservoirs of the Mid-Continent”

Co-Chairs TBA

8:00 - Opening Remarks

8:10 - Novaculitic Chert (Devonian-Mississippian) in the Southern Midcontinent: Organic-Rich Sedimentation and Palaeoceanography Along a Shelf-Rise Transect

            Kyrsti A. Cecil, Jack C. Pashin, Oklahoma State University


8:40 - Stratigraphic Architecture of the Mississippian Limestone Through Integrated Electrofacies Classification, Hardtner Field Area, Kansas and Oklahoma

            Niles W. Wethington, Matthew J. Pranter, University of Oklahoma


9:10 - Stratigraphic and Facies Control on Porosity and Pore Types of Mississippian Limestone and Chert Reservoirs: an Example from North-Central Oklahoma

            Fnu Suriamin, Matthew J. Pranter, University of Oklahoma


9:40 - Break


10:00 - Natural Fracture Characterization and Prediction in the Unconventional “Mississippian Limestone” Play, North-Central Oklahoma, U.S.A.

            Yulun Wang, Taylor Thompson, Michael Grammer, Oklahoma State University


10:30 - Importance of Outcrop Characterization of Unconventional Shale Resources

            Richard Brito, Roger M Slatt, Henry Galvis, Daniela Becerra, Sayantan Ghosh, University of Oklahoma


11:00 - Outcrop-Based Conodont Biostratigraphy of Meramecian-Chesterian Rocks in Oklahoma

            Cory J. Godwin, James O. Puckette, Oklahoma State University



Session 8, Room 4

“Mid-Continent Roots”

Co-Chairs TBA

8:00 - Opening Remarks

8:10 - The Arbuckle Mountains as a Laboratory for Geological Education

            R.W. Allen, Consulting Geologist, R.L. Neman, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus East Central University


8:40 - Hypothetical 1859 North American Exploratory Program

            Ray Sorenson, Director, The American Oil and Gas Historical Society


9:40 - Break


10:00 - On the Road to the Roadside Geology of Oklahoma

            Neil H. Suneson, Oklahoma Geological Survey


10:30 - Shooters - A "Fracking" History

            Bruce Wells, Execustive Director, The American Oil and Gas Historical Society



Session 9, Room 5

“Geophysics this Decade: The Technological Boom”

Geophysical Society Co-Session

Co-Chairs TBA

8:00 - Opening Remarks

8:10 - Land Based S-Wave Reflection Seismology with P Sources

            Bob Hardage, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin


8:40 - Regional-Scale Characterization of the Arbuckle Group’s Depositional History and Cap Rock Facies Variations and Their Role on Arbuckle Reservoir Characteristics and Saltwater Injection (Part 1 & 2)

            Kurt Rottmann, RKR Services Co, J. P. Dick, Pinnacle Energy Services, LLC


9:40 - Break


10:00 - Multidisciplinary Geomechanical and Geophysical Characterization of the Coupled Arbuckle Basement System, Payne County, Oklahoma

            Gabriel L. Machado, Garrett J. Hickman, Maulin P. Gogri, Kurt J. Marfurt, Matthew J. Pranter, Zulifquar A. Reza, University of Oklahoma


10:30 - Microseismic Estimates of Surface Seismic Brittleness Estimates: Application to a Barnett Shale Survey

            Roderick Perez-Altamar, John Henry Alzate, Amanda Trumbo, Kurt J. Marfurt, University of Oklahoma


11:00 - Delaware Basin: Characterizing the Lower Abo Horizontal Oil Play Using Seismic

            Johannes Douma, Cimarex Energy Co.



Tuesday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Session 10, Rooms 1, 2, & 3

“The Other Unconventional Reservoirs of the Mid-Continent”

Co-Chairs TBA

1:20 - Opening Remarks

1:30 - Applying a Sequence Stratigraphic Model to Explain Stratigraphic Architecture and the Spatial Distribution of Reservoir Facies in the Mississippian Limestone

            Jim Puckette, Keller Flinton, Mike Grammer, Oklahoma State University


2:00 - Stratigraphic Variability of the Desmoinesian Marmaton Group Across the Lips Fault System in the Texas Panhandle Granite Wash, Southern Anadarko Basin

            Patrick Jordan, Mississippi State University


2:30 - Additional Opportunities in the Fayetteville Shale Play of Northcentral Arkansas

            Phillip Shelby, Shelby Geological Consultants



Session 11, Room 4

“Mid-Continent Conventional Plays”

Co-Chairs TBA

1:20 - Opening Remarks

1:30 - Cherokee Paleolithology, Long Branch Field, Payne County, OK

            Greg Riepl, Independent


2:00 - Forest City Basin - Structural Control on Production

            Marvin P Carlson, Rock Resources


2:30 - Predicting Channel Sand Wells in the Anadarko Basin with a 90% Accuracy

            Rick Schrynemeeckers, Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC



Session 12, Room 5

“Geophysics this Decade: The Technological Boom”

Geophysical Society Co-Session

Co-Chairs TBA

1:20 - Opening Remarks


1:30 - Mapping Reservoir Stress Conditions using Hydraulic Fracturing Microseismicity

            Orlando J. Teran, PhD, MicroSeismic Inc.


2:00 - Identification of Potential Lacustrine Stratigraphic Intervals in the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, Using Multi-Attribute 3D Seismic Displays and a Supervised Neural Network

            Emilio J. Torres, Roger M. Slatt, Kurt J. Marfurt, Lennon E. Infante, Luis A. Castillo, University of Oklahoma


2:30 - Digital Surface Imagery from 3D Pointcloud to Enhance 3D Seismic Survey Planning and Operations

            Richard Shaver, Central Mapping Solutions


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