2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting
2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting 

Technical Program Session Themes


  • Applying New Technologies and Methodologies to Mature Plays

    • As exampled through case studies, this theme aims to provide insights into how innovative new technologies, methodologies, and learnings from elsewhere are being successfully applied to our more mature Mid-Continent plays.
  • Learnings in the SCOOP & STACK

    • This Theme centers on knowledge sharing; what have we learned to date in the SCOOP and STACK, and what possible future directions we might we take in these prolific Mid-Continent plays. 

  • Geophysics This Decade: The Technological Boom

    • The Geophysical theme for this conference is appropriately named and might include topics such as seismic data acquisition and seismic data processing philosophies, past and present.  It will also include presentations of case studies pertaining to applications such as multivariate analytics, micro-seismic interpretation, and advancement in Petrophysical, Geological, and Geophysical porosity prediction and reservoir characterization. 

  • Mid-Continent Conventional Plays

    • Offering a rich legacy of applied technical knowledge and experience, this theme turns the spotlight on the Mid-Continent's numerous and diverse conventional plays.

  • The Other Unconventional Reservoirs in the Mid-Continent

    • Learnings and knowledge sharing from beyond the "usual suspects" of the Mid-Continent's unconventional plays.

  • Mid-Continent Completions

    • In partnership with the local OKC SPE chapter, this initiative aims to inform our G&G community of completions best practices and learnings through case studies focused on Mid-Continent reservoirs from some of out most experienced completion engineers.

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