2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting
2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting 

More! Rocks in Your Head

The Oklahoma Geological Foundation, and the Oklahoma Mineral and Gem Society are proud to again sponsor a workshop for Earth Science Teachers on Saturday, September 30th, 2017. Earth Science educators from schools through-out Oklahoma will be invited to participate in “More! Rocks in Your Head”, a full-day Earth Science workshop. This nationally acclaimed workshop course will cover a full scope of Earth Science topics for teachers, who will be guided in each section with background information, vocabulary, projects, cross-curricular segments, and ideas for the gifted and talented students. All projects are hands-on, making Earth Science a fun and memorable learning experience. Environmental processes will be discussed along with mineral identification, geologic landforms, Earth Science careers, and fossil fuel formation.


When teachers actively involve students, real learning takes place. ”More! Rocks in Your Head” provides the means for educators, regardless of scientific expertise, to empower their students to become life-long learners.

The workshop will be taught by Richard Opalka, who has been teaching earth science, physical science and environmental science in the Edmond Public school District for the last 14 years.



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