2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting
2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting 

2017 Field Trips

Arrive early to the Convention and take advantage of these excellent opportunities to visit some of Oklahoma's best outcrops, and learn about the rich history our state has in the oil and gas business!  Sign up here.


Field Geology of the Arbuckle Mountains Area



The Arbuckle Mountains are located in south-central Oklahoma just north of the Texas-Oklahoma border.  The geologic province is known as the Arbuckle Mountain uplift and covers approximately 1,000 square miles.  The Arbuckle Mountain outcrops comprise a huge inlier of crystalline Precambrian rocks and folded and faulted Paleozoic sedimentary rocks.  The sedimentary strata range in age from Cambrian through Late Pennsylvanian and are about 15,000 feet thick.  The Arbuckle Mountain uplift province is covered on the east, north and west by gently westward-dipping Permian-Pennsylvanian strata and on the south by gently southward-dipping Early Cretaceous sediments of the Gulf Coastal Plain.


Historical Places and People of Oklahoma Oil


Travel with us back through time and learn about the places and people who helped create this great state.  We will explore historical relics, museum pieces and pictures back in the early days of the Oil and Gas industry.  Learning from past success and even failures can be an invaluable lesson going forward.  We plan to have lots to see and good stories shared by historians – great lessons for young and old alike!

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